Who is eligible to apply for an ALI Assistance?                                      

Adults who are U.S. citizens, 18 and over and living in one of the 12 Indiana counties ALI serves (Benton, Carroll, Cass, Clinton, Fountain, Howard, Miami, Montgomery, Tipton, Tippecanoe, Warren or White), who experience barriers such as financial issues, legal issues, disabilities, substance abuse, and/or need childcare, transportation and/or medical/dental work.

*Citizenship Financial Assistance is also available


Why apply for an ALI Scholarship?

ALI can offer funding support  (up to $500 per calendar year)  to help eligible scholarship applicants address current educational barriers while seeking better long-term career and work opportunities. Examples of potential uses of scholarship funds include study skills training and instruction, earning certification or getting a license for employment or acquiring an associate’s degree. Scholarships are awarded quarterly.

Awards are issued on the 3rd Thursday of the following months:

January      (Applications must be submitted by December 1st)             

April           (Applications must be submitted by March 1st)   

July            (Applications must be submitted by June 1st)

October     (Applications must be submitted by September 1st)    

ALI’s scholarship aim is to target people who have struggled either from a personal or financial loss and want to make a change in their lives to finish their education and improve their career potential.

Adult Learners Incorporated Scholarship Application 


Why apply for ALI Financial Assistance? 

ALI can offer funding support (up to $150 per calendar year) to help eligible applicants address current barriers while seeking better long-term career opportunities. Examples of potential uses of financial assistance funds include high school equivalency testing fees, work boots, bus passes/transportation, certification fees, insurance, childcare, medical/dental care etc. Financial Assistance is awarded as needed.

Adult Learners Incorporated Financial Assistance Application 


Why apply for ALI Citizenship Assistance?   

ALI is a proud supporter of the Lafayette Urban Ministries Immigration Clinic.   
For more information visit:
  or contact ALI Board Member Christian Gallo

Adult Learners Incorporated Citizenship Assistance Application

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